Our mintPRO Program helps individuals and ISPs deploy Helium Network at scale.

Get to know two of our favorite mintPROS, Eric & Dennis

An Ontario local,
Eric has worked in information systems for over 20 years.

Currently, Eric manages a computer repair business and works on automation equipment to service a 10,000 ft deep mine!

Eric was drawn to Helium because of the ability to enable future iOT use cases

Excited about the potential for decentralized services, Eric quickly developed a deployment plan to stake his claim in the Helium network.

Our training, hardware, infrastructure, and support helped Eric build coverage.

Using the mintHNT back-office and program, Eric was able to build a pipeline, automate accounting, and manage his network efficiently to scale his business across the region. Even freezing temperatures as low as -27℉ couldn't stop him!

Business grew, and Eric expanded his team to include Denis

Denis is helping Eric optimize and deliver coverage across the region. Together, they have completed >100 outdoor installs across Ontario and Regina Saskatchewan.

Looking Forward

Eric and Denis are completing deployments across Timmins, Ontario, Regina, Saskatchewan. With Helium Network coverage in these towns, the communities will be able to deliver IoT services like safety solutions for mines, propane tank monitoring, and smart utilities. In the future, team Timmins plans to expand to Sudbury, London, and Sault Saint Marie Ontario.

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