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LMR-400 - Hotspot to Antenna (Long Cables)
LMR-240 - Hotspot to Antenna (Short Cables)
LMR-240 - RaK Enclosure to Antenna


New Optimized Performance Helium Network Antennas from McGill Microwave Systems Ltd

McGill Microwave Systems introduce the 7.5dBi High Performance Antennas for use with the Helium Network offering superior Power Transmission compared to other commercially available alternative non optimized VSWR Antenna designs.

The new 7.5 dBi Antenna design has been specifically tuned to operate with peak performance over only the frequency band of interest to US Helium Hotspot operators – the US915 frequency band.

Most commercially available Helium Hotspot Antenna designs available today are designed to be universal – meaning that the one product has been designed to cover both the European EU868 and US915 Frequency bands – resulting in designs which may be non-optimized for either frequency range.

Antenna Connector: N Male 

These optimized Antennas feature a superior VSWR performances of 1.5:1 absolute maximum – which immediately results in over +7% more transmitted, non-reflected Power from your Antenna and reduced Mis-match loss when compared to many of the commercially available 2:1 VSWR performance.

7.5 dBi US915 Optimized Antenna Radiation Patterns



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