Browan Industrial Tracker

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Type: Mapper

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Browan Industrial Tracker

The Industrial Tracker is a general-purpose tracker, designed for GPS tracking on various applications: bicycles, cars or pets. It is equipped with GPS and 3-axis accelerometer, that provides a much more cost-effective way for service providers to deploy this for tracking applications than to use the GPRS network.

Fiz-Tech has partnered with Trackpac, a leading Helium LongFi/Lorawan Software company, to give you an end-to-end product experience.  Trackpac will allow you to track your device anywhere it goes within the Helium network for a small monthly or yearly subscription.   The device can also be used as a Mapper on the Helium Network.

1x Browan Industrial Tracker
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Model Name: TNIT100
Frequency: US915
RF TX power: +19dBm conducted
Antenna Gain: 0dBi Peak, -3dBi Avg
RF Sensitivity: -138dBm conducted
Battery Type: 3.6V 1⁄2 AA Li-SOCl2 1200mAh battery (*2) (ER14250)
Voltage: 3.1~3.6 V
Average Current: 170mA maximum/5uA minimum
Operation Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Environmental Rating: IP 66 equivalent
Sensors: GNSS module, 3D MEMs accelerometer, Hall-effect
Dimensions: 107mm x 52mm x 27mm
Weight: 45g
PCB Temperature: NTC 100k ohm
Battery Monitoring: Resistor divider
Type Approval: FCC/IC/CE

Browan Industrial Tracker User Manual