Browan Object Locator

by mintHNT
Type: Mapper


The Browan Object Locator is a multi-purpose tracker designed for asset tracking, pet tracking, personal objects, and valuable assets. The sensor is composed of a GNSS receiver, a push button, an LED indicator, and a USB-C connector. It contains a LiPo battery that can be recharged through the USB-C connector, and also includes a three-axis accelerometer which is optimized for different asset applications for response time and battery life.

Fiz-Tech has partnered with Trackpac, a leading Helium LongFi/Lorawan Software company, to give you an end-to-end product experience.  Trackpac will allow you to track your device anywhere it goes within the Helium network for a small monthly or yearly subscription.   The device can also be used as a Mapper on the Helium Network.

1x Browan Object Locator
1x Trackpac Service Signup Form

Key Features

- Frequency US915
- LoRaWAN 1.0.3
- Portable Size
- Long battery life
- Rechargeable battery (v.2V LiPo 540mAh) with USB type C port)
- IP64 Equivalent

Device Keys included in packaging.