Type: Cables

Ultra Low Loss LMR-100 (RP SMA Male – RP SMA Female)

The Ultra Low Loss LMR-100 Window Pass Through Cable is 50% lower loss than the original window pass cable.

McGill Microwave Systems have been trialling an innovative, ultra low loss solution to solve the problem of how to connect your internal Helium Hotspot box to your outdoor Antenna cable – avoiding any need to drill holes through window frames or walls to pass the Antenna cable through…and all with minimal RF signal loss.

Developed originally for many high frequency uses in the commercial and military world; the unique, thin, ultra low loss Low Loss LMR-100 cable is can pass through most existing window frames, patio doors and under standard doors – without the need for any drilling or DIY.

Simply open your window or patio door, place the flat cable in the frame and carefully close the window or patio door again – job done!

Ideal when installing Hotspots in other people’s property – nobody likes having holes drilled through their external walls to the outside elements.

Specifications of LMR-100 (RP SMA Male – RP SMA Female) 40cm Cable 

  • McGill Microwave Part No: LMR-100-SMRP-SFRP(QTY:0.4m)
  • Cable Assembly Length; 400 mm
  • Cable Diameter: 2.54mm
  • Connector Types; RP SMA Male and RP SMA Female
  • Low Insertion /Signal Loss; 0.4 dB’s max over the Helium UK/EU/USA frequency bands.
  • Fully weatherproof cable assembly