NEV-RAH IoT Enclosure Kit (for Sensecap M1)

Hotspot PoE Bundle

Fiz-Tech proudly announces the NEV-RAH IoT Enclosure kit for the Sensecap M1 Hotspot.

Celebrate your Sensecap Hotspot that arrived on time with the Fiz-Tech NEV-RAH IoT Enclosure Kit!

Everything you need minus the Hotspot and the pole to mount it on, this enclosure is the ultimate outdoor setup for the Sensecap Hotspot and very perfect fit. 

The NEV-RAH IoT Enclosure is lightweight and small form factor metal housing leaves no extra unused space, making it one of the most discrete enclosures to put your Sensecap Hotspot in. 

Tested in the blazing Texas summer, to the harsh freezing nights in Canada, this Enclosure can withstand the test of time!

Included with the kit is a Fiz Tech / Alfa 5dBi Antenna, a great Low-Profile Antenna to start off with, and can be easily upgraded to any other antenna.
We thought this might come in handy when you wish to compare how a low cost antenna vs something that may be more powerful and expensive.

NEV-RAH IoT Enclosure package contains:
1x - Fiz-Tech NEV-RAH IoT Enclosure
1x - Fiz-Tech Low Profile 5dBi Antenna
1x - Ethernet Gland
1x - Pigtail Connector (RP-SMA Male to N-Type Female)
2x - Mounting Brackets
1x - Weatherproof Gasket Set
5x - N-Type Plugs
4x - M10 Plugs
1x - Metal Back-plate (with screws)

Also BUNDLED with this kit is a PoE Injector and PoE Splitter (USB-C) to complete the kit to be ready for YOUR SENSECAP M1 to be mounted on a pole outdoors to earn more HNT!
1x - PoE+ Injector - 802.3af/at - 100/1000 - 30w
1x - PoE Splitter - USB-C - 100/1000 - 5V/3A

In a Last minute effort to make this enclosure as easy to use as possible, we have added tools to the kit!
1x - Hex tool for opening and closing enclosure door.
3x  - 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm wrench tools for all the plugs.

Additional tools recommended:
- Standard Small Philips (metal back-plate removal)
- Adjustable Crescent Wrench (Bulkhead N-Type Pigtail Connector install)


Future compatibility is planned for other hotspots.

Interior Dimensions:
210mm X 130mm X 50mm
Exterior Dimensions:
240mm X160mm X 80mm