RJ45 Flat Ethernet for Windows - PoE Capable - 10/100

by mintHNT
Type: Cables

Flat enough to go under windows and supports PoE.

Note: This cable is 10/100.
After extensive testing this does work with certain gigabit setups, so long as the router/switch/injector knows to down-grade the port speed to 100 from 1000 (gigabit).
A newer Netgear Gigabit PoE Switch would not pass data, or downgrade the port (even though it supposed to be supported). 
But a standard standalone gigabit PoE Injector connected to a older Linksys Gigabit Router would downgrade to 100 port speed successfully. 
Jist:  Your results may very, and expect this to be the problem if you are unable to get Ethernet port activity lights to turn on.

** Recommended that you layer cable and the port with Electrical Tape for additional protection from shorts and weather.  **