Smart Infrastructure Delivered

We are democratizing access to smart solutions that create sustainable, safe, and resilient communities.

Our Vision

Imagine a future where any device can connect to a ubiquitous wireless network to deliver smart solutions for homes, businesses and communities.

Imagine vineyards equipped with hundreds of soil, light, and humidity sensors that detect microclimates and optimize irrigation schedules to maximize crop yield and eliminate water waste.

Imagine weather sensors able to determine when bridges are unsafe due to high winds, and autonomously controlling digital signage to divert oncoming traffic.

Building smart communities requires ubiquitous connectivity. Decentralized networks are transforming this vision into reality. Join us in our mission to achieve this vision.

Our Services

Decentralized wireless (DeWi) networks are democratizing access to solutions that will create smarter, more resilient communities.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to connect. Spread Networks offers several services to help overcome the digital divide.


The price to deploy wireless infrastructure is drastically reduced when strategic plans leverage open software and hardware components.


We empower communities to reclaim ownership over wireless infrastructure by helping partners implement digital transformations.


We provide devices, applications, and integration services to deliver coverage to smart homes, businesses, and communities.

Overcome The Digital Divide

We leverage open technologies to cost effectively enable communities to reclaim ownership over their infrastructure and achieve digital transformations.

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Having stable internet is something everyone wants, but not everyone can afford. Partnering with the Shreve Memorial Library system to offer free wireless hot spots is a game-changer for those living around these libraries. They will now be able to access the internet from their homes allowing them to work
or learn remotely.

Adrian Perkins, Mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Spread Networks is a game changer for enterprise technology providers looking to deliver networked solutions for their clients

David Michaels, CEO Hotel Tech Solutions

Partnering with Spread Networks allowed me to scale up my business and expand coverage to new areas.

Eric Vandermause, Sr. Global Network Architect Johnsonville Sausage Company