Helium Mapper / Tracker - Heltec Cubecell

by Heltec
Type: Mapper

Helium Mapper / Tracker - Heltec Cubecell

Limited Release.  All current orders for this are Beta, which means case design is not final, but I want to hear feedback on the Case design and guide for setup. 
Allow 1 Full Business day for handling and shipping.

The Heltec Cubecell is an ESP32 development board that also integrates a SemTech chip for LoraWAN communication, and a Air530Z GPS receiver...
Sounds boring right..?

Well in this case, we have turned it into a HELIUM NETWORK MAPPER (or Tracker)!

With this, you will be able to contribute to the Helium Coverage Mapping Project, or GPS track random cargo/assets through the Helium Network.

What does Mapping Network Coverage for Helium mean?

In short, you will be reporting physical areas that can send and receive LoraWAN signals within the Helium Network.
If you are old like me, you should remember some of the old Verizon TV commercials, and the "Can you hear me now?" guy. That's exactly what we are doing here, making sure there is network coverage and reporting that to the mappers.helium.com database.  So please join us in mapping out the coverage of the Helium Network, so we too can start bragging about the LoraWAN coverage we have!

What setup is involved?

When you receive the Heltec Cubecell, it will come loaded with a Fiz-Tech revision of an open source code modified to be used for the Helium Network.  So no programming of the actual device is needed.   
You will need to add the device to the Helium Console (console.heloium.com) using the 3 strings of numbers included with the device, the DEV EUI, APP EUI, and APP KEY. And then using functions and integrations, route that traffic/data to the Mappers or Cargo platforms.
If you do not have a Helium Console account, you can signup free and currently upon setup you will receive 10,000 Data Credits (0.10 USD).  These Data Credits are used to every time a end-device (such as the T-Beam) sends data through the network.  If you are just using the T-Beam, this will last you quite a while. You will be amazed on how cheap it costs to run devices on the Helium Network. 
A guide will be included with purchase. 

Can I use this for other things?

Yes!  You may use this device however you wish (so long as it is legal).  Use it to track fleets of vehicles, or hikes along a trail.  You may choose to reprogram it for any other purpose if you have the knowledge to do so.


What is the Warranty and Support?

- Up to 30 days after purchase, repair or replace deflective units. Buyer will pay for shipping defective unit back, and Fiz Tech will pay for shipping the repaired/replacement unit.
- Support for initial setup within console.helium.com and mappers.helium.com provided via YouTube / Written guide.  Live support within Official Helium Discord, and community support in #mappers channel.

All cases may have some small "defects" in the printing, such as burnt areas, or areas where print layers may not have formed correctly.  This has no effect on the integrity of case, just consider them "Birthmarks".   :)

3D Printed Case Design - "Fiz Tech"

What is included:

1x Heltec Cubecell - Programmed for Helium Network
1x 250mah Internal Battery - 5 hour run time in Normal mode.
1x GPS Antenna
1x Lora Antenna 
1x "Fiz Tech" 3D Printed Case
1x Guide for Setup in Console


No Case - No Program - OEM

What is included:

1x Heltec Cubecell - Default Programming
1x Lora Antenna 


Manufacturer Blurb: 

CubeCell (TM) is a new product series made by Heltec team, mainly for LoRa/LoRaWAN node applications.

CubeCell (TM) series is based on ASR605x (ASR6501, ASR6502), those chips are already integrated with the PSoC® 4000 series MCU (ARM® Cortex® M0+ Core) and SX1262. We have done a lot of migration and development, made it perfectly support Arduino®, can run the LoRaWAN protocol stably, can easily connect lithium batteries and solar panels.

HTCC-AB02S is a Dev-Board. Already integrated AIR530 GPS module, friendly designed for developers, easy to verify communication solutions.