Lighting Arrestor - LP-GTV-NFM

Type: Arrestor



N-Type Female to N-Type Male

The Times-Protect® LP-GTV-NFM series is an exceptional broadband DC pass design for lightning protection applications requiring DC power to be supplied to the electronics.

These devices exhibit outstanding RF performance with high surge current handling characteristics and cover a broad range of applications requiring up to 150W of RF power handling.

Its fully weatherized housing meeting IP67 standard allows for outdoor as well as indoor installation.

The N connector designs cover the entire frequency spectrum from DC through 7000MHz.

Advantages Include:

  • DC Pass Multi-Strike Design
  • Broadband Bidirectional Design
  • Excellent IL/RL Performance Over the Entire Operating Frequency Band
  • Fully Weatherized Housing
  • White Bronze Plated for Durability and Long Life


LP-GTV-NFM Electrical Specifications

Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency Range DC-7000 MHz
VSWR/Return Loss < 1.2:1 / <-20dB (DC-6700MHz)


< 1.3:1 / <-17dB (6700-7000MHz)

Insertion Loss < 0.2dB (DC-6700MHz)


< 0.3dB (6700-7000Mhz)

Maximum Surge Current 10kA multiple (8×20µs wave-form)
Impulse Sparkover 700V (1kV/µs)
Turn On 180Vdc
Average Power 150 Watts
Protection Circuit DC Pass


Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Temp Range Storage/Operating -40°C – +85°C
Weatherisation IEC 60068 40/085/21 & IP67
Thermal Shock US MIL-STD 202, Meth.107,Cond.B
Vibration US MIL-STD 202, Meth.204,Cond.B
Shock US MIL-STD 202, Meth.213,Cond.I
RoHS Compliant Yes
Wear/Mating Cycles 500 minimum
Recommended Coupling Nut Torque 7-10 lb-in
Unit Weight 1.41 oz / 40 Grams


Material Specifications

Component Material Plating
Body Aluminium White Bronze
Inner Conductor Male Brass Silver
Inner Conductor Phosphor Bronze Silver
Washer Brass White Bronze
Coupling Nut Brass White Bronze
Insulator PTFE
O-Ring Silicone Rubber