LMR-600 - RP-SMA Male to N-Type Female - Various Cable Lengths

Type: Cables

LMR-600 - RP-SMA Male to N-Type Female Cable

This type of cable has connectors that directly connects on the back of your Hotspot (RP-SMA) to your antenna (N-Type).

Why only this one length LMR-600?  
For medium cable runs, there is less benefit to using LMR-600.  LMR-600 is very very stiff and can be hard to bend in tight corners.  When you reach 20ft+, then it may become beneficial for LMR-600.

Cable loss calculator here:  https://www.mcgillmicrowave.com/coaxial-cable-calculator/



LMR-600 Coaxial Cable Assembly Fitted with N Male and RP-SMA Male connectors.

LMR-600 Helium Assemblies – The Coverage enhancement

Times Microwave LMR-600 Cable assemblies significantly boost the RF signal range and coverage for Helium Hotspot devices such as the HNT Nebra Outdoor/Indoor Hotspot Miner and the RAK Hotspot Miner.

This high-performance upgrade directly translates to higher revenue potential due to more efficient RF signal transmission from your Hotspot device to the Antenna.

Best of all, the low cost nature of these assemblies ensure a speedy payback of your investment in these system performance critical components. With recent regulatory changes to reduce the allowable output power of these devices , every dB of signal loss is more critical than ever – as it directly translates to reduced Hotspot performance and presents an additional new challenge when mining for Helium HNT currency.